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Rook Nests
Agricultural Pest Control

Birds and other animals can cause serious damage to Agricultural crops, Livestock and Feed Stores. We employ specialists in Agricultural Bird Control and Agricultural Wildlife Management to help you deal with your pest species and reduce damage to your produce. We can provide active control measures to reduce the presence of pest bird or mammal species and professional consultancy services to ensure that your problems do not return. Services cover the full range of Agricultural bird and mammal pest species and include:

  • Active dispersal and Removal of Birds and other Wildlife

  • Trapping

  • Population Control

  • Provision of Bird / Wildlife Control Equipment and Devices

Fisheries Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management is becoming increasingly important for fisheries management. Conservation success stories for fish eating predators such as Cormorants and Otters can pose a predation threat to fisheries that do not adequately protect themselves. Our specialist ecologists can assist your fishery to protect your stock through specialist advice on predator exclusion, prevention and management techniques. Our fisheries services are designed to assist you in the prevention or removal of your predation problems and to ensure that you remain within the strict regulatory guidance and legal framework surrounding the management of predator species. Services include:

  • Specialist Consultancy on Cormorant Control and prevention of Otter Predation

  • Specialist Advice on design and construction of exclusion methods (predator fencing, stock pond netting etc.)

  • Advice on Use of Non lethal controls to deter fish eating birds.

  • Active Wildlife Control and dispersal

  • Installation of anti predator fencing, netting and exclusionary devices.

  • Provision of Bird Control Equipment and Devices

  • Specialist guidance and assistance with Licence applications

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